Bailey Health Clinic : your clinic for long-term medical support with a private family doctor in Kelowna, BC.

Bailey Health brings together a set of complementary services that we can deliver with our attentive and personal approach.

Your consultation can help translate your results into realistic plans to maintain health for the long term. Age well and live your best life. We are looking forward to meeting you.
For new clients, we begin with an initial consultation before starting any treatments.


Optimize your well-being with our comprehensive assessments, including medical evaluations, advanced lab testing, gut health analysis, yearly executive physicals, and personalized fitness assessments. Tailored insights for proactive health management and peak performance.
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Medical Assessments

Comprehensive review of major body systems including DEXA scan, review of lifestyle and preventative practices with an anti-aging focus.
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Advanced Lab Testing

Meticulous testing and screens including the very latest methods and technologies available worldwide.
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Gut Health Testing

Gastrointestinal health and gut testing, including stool analysis and other precision assessments.

Yearly executive Physicals

Thorough annual physical exam for health conscious men and women. Be your best. Invest in prevention.
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Fitness Assessments

Including functional movement assessments and imbalance assessments, Vo2 max testing, etc.


Experience comprehensive health support at our clinic, ranging from chronic pain management to precision therapies like myofascial trigger point injections, hormonal balancing, corticosteroid injections, prolotherapy, and hyaluronic acid injections. Targeted relief is offered through perineural therapy and dry needling, while wellness is enhanced with IV therapies and IM vitamin injections. Enjoy the convenience of secure prescription and refill services for a seamless healthcare experience.
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Chronic Pain Support

Pain management services for patients seeking relief from their chronic pain.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Women

As women age, their body experiences numerous transformations, including a decrease in testosterone, the most abundant biologically active gonadal hormone throughout the female lifespan.

MSK Recovery

Optimizing healing for musculoskeletal well-being in clinical care.

Myofascial Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Targeting relief with precision therapy for rapid pain resolution.
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Hormonal Balancing for Men

Harmony within: hormonal balancing for women – precision care, empowering wellness.
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Hormonal Balancing for Women

Harmony within: hormonal balancing for women – precision care, empowering wellness.

Corticosteroid Injections

Corticosteroid injection for inflammation as a non-drug alternative.

Injection Therapy

Precise relief, swift renewal with targeted healing.


Precision medicine for pain – sparking renewal, restoring vitality.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections For Ostheoarthritis

Drug-free alternative to rejuvenate with precision in clinical aesthetics.

Perineural Therapy

Precision relief for persistent pain and inflammation.

Dry Needling

Dry needling as a non-drug therapy for dysfunctional muscle trigger points.

IV Therapies

Boosting energy, hydration, and wellness with precision infusions.

IM Vitamin Injections

Precision nutrition for enhanced clinical wellness.
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Prescriptions and Refills

Secure prescription and refill services.

Weight Management

Our approach encompasses a spectrum of dietary strategies to suit individual preferences and goals. Whether focusing on cardiometabolic health or personalized nutritional guidance, we provide comprehensive support for your well-being journey.
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Nutrition Programs

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Cardiometabolic Health

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Nutritional Counselling

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Weight Management

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