Medical Assessments

Our comprehensive medical assessments are tailored to support your journey towards graceful aging, where science and personalized care converge to optimize your health, vitality, and overall well-being.
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long-term family health care in kelowna
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About the Assessment

Our medical assessment is a comprehensive review of major body systems including DEXA scan, review of lifestyle and preventative practices with an anti-aging focus.

It includes an in-depth examination of key bodily systems, incorporating DEXA scan analysis, evaluation of lifestyle factors, and exploration of preventive measures, all with a focus on anti-aging strategies.

Revealing Your Body Composition


Body composition assessment, also known as a DXA or DEXA scan, provides information about your bone health, body fat, and muscle mass.

This advanced diagnostic tool can evaluate your levels of physical fitness, assess your risk for developing osteoporotic fractures, and deliver precise measurements of segmental body fat and muscle distribution.

Review of Lifestyle Factors

Reviewing lifestyle factors is crucial for enhancing overall health and well-being. A comprehensive assessment of one’s lifestyle involves examining key components such as diet, physical activity, sleep patterns, stress management, and social connections. Making informed choices in these areas can significantly impact health outcomes.
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Assessment Benefits

Bone Health Assessment

DEXA scans are most commonly utilized to diagnose and monitor conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia, helping to evaluate bone density and the risk of fractures.

Body Composition Analysis

DEXA scans can provide accurate measurements of body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and distribution of fat throughout the body. This is valuable for assessing overall body composition and monitoring changes over time.

Early Detection of Health Issues

Our medical assessments allow for timely intervention for a sustainable and preventative health practices.

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Why Choose Bailey Health

Medical Assessments Focusing on Anti-Aging.

Bailey Health offers yearly subscription-based packages.

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Who should come to Bailey Health for a medical assessment?

We recommend our proactive approach to long-term health to everyone, of any age, who wants to stay healthy and get the most out of life. If you are serious about your health, Bailey Health offers you the opportunity to be fully proactive in managing your health risks for the long term.

Why choose Bailey Health?

Our specialized approach emphasizes prevention, early detection of diseases, and personalized interventions. Clinical healthcare for health longevity aims to optimize health outcomes, improve quality of life, and contribute to a sustained state of overall well-being throughout an individual's life. We use the latest technology available in Canada to do age, sex, and risk-specific testing.

What will a DEXA bone densitometry scan tell you?

The report presents your bone mineral density results in three ways:

  • Bone mass in grams per cm square.
  • T-score: a calculation made from the DEXA manufacturer comparing your bone mass to that of their healthy control group.
  • Z-score: a calculation made from the DEXA manufacturer comparing your bone mass to that of your peers.
How is Bailey Health different?

We use the latest technology available in Canada to do age, sex, and risk-specific preventative testing. Our specific combination of testing and care is unique to Bailey Health.

How soon will I start noticing results?

While some of our patients notice changes in their health within a couple of weeks, it can take more time for others. You are your own best baseline, and everyone begins from a different place. With the specialized care and comprehensive support from our doctors, you will receive personalized recommendations based on your test results.

Why is body composition important to measure?

Most diet and fitness goals focus on weight loss or gain, overlooking that two people of the same sex and body weight may look completely different from each other because they have different body compositions. Measuring your body composition will tell you your own body’s unique makeup and help you identify areas to work on to improve your overall health and wellness.

Getting a better insight into your overall wellness starts with measuring your body composition and going beyond the number on the scale. You will know whether you need to gain more lean mass or lower body fat percentage to achieve a healthy body composition and a better level of health.