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About Bailey Health Clinic

Bailey Health is a private clinic in BC that offers rapid access to quality medical care to individuals and companies.

Our goal is to optimise your health by providing you with meticulous care in a friendly and professional environment. Our guiding principle is to always put the patient first. 

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Our Mission

Bailey Health Clinic’s founding principle is that preventative medicine is essential to long term health.

Proactive Wellness Through Preventative Testing

Our doctors observed a gap in available preventative testing in provincial health care systems and designed a testing program to address it.

Bailey Health packages are intended to permit you to proactively manage actual and potential health risks toward the goal of living well now and as you age. Our mission is to support you in optimising your long term health.

Our Services

Bailey Health offers testing packages that include the latest technologies and screening available in the world today.

Bailey Health brings together a set of complementary services that we can deliver with our attentive and personal approach.

Your consultation can help translate your results into realistic plans to maintain health for the long term. Age well and live your best life. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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Our Doctor

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Dr. Marvin Bailey


Dr. Marvin Bailey CCFP, MBCHB

Dr. Bailey is a general practitioner and surgeon with experience in the fields of men’s health, general practice, orthopedics, and trauma care. He is the founder of Precision Sexual Health, Gentle Procedures, DexaCan and InvestMed clinics in Kelowna.

Dr. Marvin Bailey has a special interest in long-term personalized and compassionate healthcare. That’s why att Bailey Health Clinic, our approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of various aspects of an individual’s life instead of focusing only on symptoms or diseases.

Our Naturopathic Doctor

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Dr Michael Henry

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Michael Henry, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Henry is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in British Columbia who has completed additional training in Advanced Injection Therapies and IV Therapies, and is certified in Acupuncture and Prescriptive Authority.

Whether you seek solutions for a specific health issue or require comprehensive healthcare services, our team of experts is dedicated to finding the ideal option tailored to your needs.

Dr. Michael Henry’s clinical focuses in preventative medicine offer patients a holistic approach to long lasting pain relief.

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Dr. Rachelle Peltier

Naturopathic physician

Dr. Rachelle Peltier, Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Rachelle Peltier is a licensed Naturopathic physician with a focus in women’s health, fertility, and gynecology. We are committed to guiding women through the challenges of menopause, providing personalized solutions for managing symptoms, and promoting overall well-being. We also offer expert guidance on women’s sexual health, fostering open conversations and providing resources to enhance intimacy and satisfaction.
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Why Choose Bailey Health

Get in touch now and consult with a private family doctor within days.


Why choose private health care?

Optimizing your health is our mission by providing you with individual, preventative, and compassionate medical care tailored to your needs.

At Bailey Health's private clinic, members can access a diverse range of medical services, spanning from rapid medical appointments to specialized referrals. We provide a thorough assessment of your health and wellness, craft a treatment plan and guide you on your health journey.

How is Bailey Health different?
We are a team of healthcare professionals working with you to improve your health using proven methods and treatment options.
Will I be followed by the same doctor for an extended period of time?
The initial health check will result in follow up visits to review test results and plan any specialist appointments or additional tests. Our doctors are available as needed on an ongoing basis.
How much do packages and consultation cost?
Bailey Health private clinic offers members access to an array of medical services – from rapid access medical care to specialist referrals. Bailey Health private medical clinic operates on the basis of yearly memberships.
Will I be able to see the same Doctor if I need a follow-up appointment?
Follow-ups and test reviews contribute to every stage of care. The initial health check will result in a follow up visit to review test results. Your physician may then schedule appointments with specialists or order additional testing should that be the treatment recommended.
Does insurance cover the fees?
The BC public health plan (MSP) does not cover any of our services. Private health accounts and insurance plans may pay for some services with Bailey Health. Bailey Health services are tax deductible in most cases.