Bailey Health

The Bailey Health clinic in Kelowna offers personalized private care and ongoing family medicine with a specialty in sustainable and preventative health programs.

naturopathic medicine and nutrition clinics near me
naturopathic medicine and nutrition clinics near me
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Preventive Testing in Kelowna

Bailey Health clinic is a warm and accessible private medical facility providing prompt access to personalized, preventative, and compassionate healthcare for men and women.

Whether you seek solutions for a specific health issue or require comprehensive healthcare services, our team of specialists is dedicated to finding the ideal option tailored to your needs.

At Bailey Health, our unwavering commitment is to prioritize the patient’s well-being above all else.

Our Comprehensive Programs

Health Longevity

Our specialized approach emphasizes prevention, early detection of diseases, and personalized lifestyle and medical interventions. Using advanced digital epigenetic testing, we can help slow, stop, or even reverse the biological aging processes in your body, giving you the power to steer your anti-aging or health and wellness journey in the right direction.

Holistic Health & Wellness

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This approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of various aspects of an individual’s life instead of focusing only on symptoms or diseases. By emphasizing the importance of mental, emotional and social factors alongside physical health, holistic health and wellness aim to enhance the quality of life and contribute to sustained health longevity. These include:

Women’s Health

holistic healing naturopaths in kelowna
These screenings are designed to detect potential health issues early on, allowing for timely intervention and management. Tests may vary based on factors such as age, family history, and individual health risks. Screenings may include:

Men’s Health

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A focused service centered on men’s health, from erectile dysfunction and prostate issues to assess and monitor various aspects of a man’s well-being. Common screenings in men’s health clinics can include:

Executive Health & Wellness

holistic healing naturopaths in kelowna
A comprehensive medical care package for both men and women to support optimal health would typically include regular screenings for conditions specific to each gender. Such screenings can include:

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Biological hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a medical treatment for men and women that involves using naturally derived hormones, often sourced from plants, to supplement or replace hormones in the body that may be deficient or imbalanced.

Mental Acuity & Aging

This program provides a comprehensive approach that includes personalized lifestyle recommendations, cognitive exercises, and nutritional guidance. The benefits may include:

Preventive Treatments

Specific treatments to address various aspects of health, ranging from pain management, hormonal balance, and nutritional support.

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Experience ongoing healthcare and personalized intervention by joining Bailey Health today.

At Bailey Health, our efficient comprehensive assessments ensure a swift evaluation of your health, offering reassurance and early detection of potential concerns.


Unlock your optimal health with our health evaluations.

Receive a thorough review of major body systems, and a focus on anti-aging through lifestyle and preventive practices. Our other assessments include:

Medical Assessments

Comprehensive review of major body systems including DEXA scans, review of lifestyle and preventative practices with an anti-aging focus.

Yearly Executive Physicals

Thorough annual physical exam for health conscious men and women.

Gut Health Testing

Gastrointestinal health and gut testing, including stool analysis and other precision assessments.

Advanced Lab Testing

Meticulous testing and screens including the very latest methods and technologies available worldwide.

Fitness Assessments

Functional movement assessments and imbalance assessments, and Vo2 max testing+.

Why Choose Bailey Health?

Comprehensive evaluations of major body systems, advanced lab testing, and specialized assessments provide valuable insights into your health status, identifying risk factors and potential conditions that may not exhibit symptoms in their early stages.

By becoming a member of Bailey Health, we can help address potential issues before they occur, offer individualized treatment programs, and guide you towards implementing personalized lifestyle modifications, resulting in optimal health and well-being. Regular assessments empower individuals to take control of their health and make informed decisions for a healthier future.

Our Doctors

Our doctors take a holistic approach to patient care. General Practitioner Dr. Marvin Bailey collaborates with specialists, such as naturopathic doctors and nutritionists, to ensure comprehensive and well-rounded treatment for all patients. Meet our team and learn more about their specialties.

Dr. Marvin Bailey


Dr. Michael Henry

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Rachelle Peltier

Naturopathic physician

Looking for weight management guidance?​

We offer cardiometabolic health programs as well as nutritional counseling with personalized nutrition programs such as:​

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